Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More painting - CB750 tank and XS650 teaser shots

I came back from Texas to find the weather here in VA had warmed up significantly.
Last couple days were perfect temperatures for painting so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather.

I started (re)painting Joey's K3 CB750 tank and finished up Tommy's XS650 motor. Here's a couple teaser shots:
First coat of metallic cast iron went on really thick (and kind of runny).
I'll be sanding it all even before the second coat.

The paint area as it sits currently.
That's the XS650 left engine cover in the way back there.
Decals for the fuel tank and sidecovers.
I'm still considering something else instead.
Oh yeah, they're REFLECTIVE vinyl. Pretty cool right?
Custom mixed a gold/bronze-ish metallic
engine enamel for the YAMAHA inlay.
It's really hard to properly photograph the metallic paint.
So here's some more pics.
It looks slightly more gold in person. 
This is the side engine cover before.
It's funny how just a slight difference can really make the motor  pop.
There's more to come very soon. I'll be posting the other side of the XS motor as well as the final product of the K3's gas tank and matching sidecovers in the near future.


  1. Excellent match up with the gold thrown in there. It really does make that engine stick out. Now if you told me this in person, I would be weary as it doesn't sound like a good mash up. But bravo! Excellent job!

    1. It wasn't. I had to mix some grey in there to make it more of a bronze/platinum.