Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stokin' the neighbors!

So our neighbor from across the street came over last night, flashlight in hand:
Neighbor: Alright you need to be more considerate of our neighbors. 
-Yeah Hi, my name is Charlie. 
Neighbor: You need to be more considerate. (guess he wasn't interested in introductions/ pleasantries) Ok? This is, you can't... alright?
-Alright that's fine sorry for being so noisy. Joey, it looks like we're done for the night.
Neighbor: And 3am. Saturday. *shakes head* No.
-Uh, yeah okay boss. Goodnight.

Now... I like to think that I'm being fairly considerate, considering that I have the ability to make a LOT more noise than I do. No air tool usage late at night, I'm not running motorcycles at all hours (because none of them run), or blasting music. In fact we were just idling Joey's bike in the garage (sometime before 11pm) when he came over.
Also, I have no idea what he's talking about when he said, "3am Saturday. No." Saturday is probably the one day of the week I'm actually NOT up late working on bikes since I have ALL DAY to do that.

Hopefully this won't be a reoccurring theme.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit when Joey left in his super loud, exhaust-less Bronco, followed shortly by the arrival of another neighbors even louder Jeep Wrangler.

The point of this story was something I don't remember. Anyway, Joey's K3 carbs are almost sync'd. Gonna get that done tonight and he should be on his way with a ride-able motorcycle!!!

And just in case anyone was wondering:

Except as otherwise provided, any noise which emanates from any operation, activity or source and which exceeds the maximum permissible sound levels established in this section below is hereby prohibited. Such levels shall be measured at the property boundary of the sound source or at any point within any other property affected by the noise. When a noise source can be identified and its noise measured in more than one zoning district classification, the limits of the most restrictive classification shall apply. 
Zoning District
Maximum dBA
Maximum dBA

Daytime shall mean the local time of day between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. weekdays and from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays observed by county government unless otherwise specified.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From a pile of parts to nearly complete - Joey's CB750 K3

The biggest problems we ran into:
1) the forks that came on this thing were off of a cb350. I didn't realize how different the fork lowers were until we went to put it all together, my later fork tubes and springs would NOT fit it. So, if anyone wants a set of freshly rebuilt and painted cb350 forks let me know ;)

2) We planned to throw the wheels and tires from my K7 on there but didn't realize that the early and later K's had different hubs. So, after about a million different tries with different axles, and spacers, and drums, and whatnot we finally realized the left side of the hub was larger on the K7, probably to make up for the wider swingarm and greater offest on the later F and K bikes. So, we would up cleaning 2 sets of hubs.
The hardest part of all of this, and probably of the entire build was that farking bearing retainer. Using TWO spanner wrenches it still took forever to get off. Joe came to the rescue when putting it back on and helped by holding them in place with a board and his weight. The added leverage of turning the board also helped greatly.

3) The center stand spring. That thing is a mother effer. Joe also had another stroke of genius though. (see below)

For anyone wondering how the wide world of sports you get the centerstand spring back on... here's how:

Monday, August 1, 2011

I SUCK at painting... seriously

So I painted Joe's K3 and my Gl1000 tank.
That was way harder than I expected it to be.

The tank came out fairly nice because it was mostly flat surfaces and easy to reach spots.

Unfortunately, Joe's frame had more nooks and crannies than an English Muffin. There are also some really tight spaces to try and fit the HVLP gun through in order to spray. The combination of these factors made it really difficult to paint.

I managed to get the primer down without a problem but had a really hard time with the ceramic frame paint.
I also didn't buy enough to practice a whole lot (the tank was my practice).

Next time I'll definitely overbuy on paints for practice and might even get a smaller detail gun to make it easier to paint the frame.