Monday, May 27, 2013

Goodnight Sweet Prince.

The Ranger has suffered a mortal wound.
It currently resides in the driveway awaiting it's dire fate.

The engine still runs just fine and the transmission probably works, although I can't tell because a brake line and clutch line have snapped. The left front steering knuckle is broken, and the passenger side body is crushed.

I would love to believe that I will one day go out there with a sawsall, chop the body off, make a tube frame, and pre-runner it. But I just don't know.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New bikes! - surprisingly, they're not vintage.

I can't believe it's been over two months since my last post. It's not like I've been slacking off though, I've just been extremely busy at the shop.

In the meantime, I managed to bring home a couple more bikes.

First off, a 1999 VFR800FI
...of which I seem to have no pictures. Well no pictures of it in one piece at least.

Then about 2 weeks later this beautiful 1996 CBR600 F3 followed me back to the shop.

It didn't stay together all that long either...

Currently both bikes are awaiting some new parts. The VFR has a laundrylist of things the PO lied to me about. I'll be replacing the seat, regulator, headlight, chain + sprockets, tires, rear master cyl and eventually swapping the front forks and de-linking braking system.

The CBR only has 6500miles and is in immaculate condition. After I finish cleaning the carbs, it will be receiving a K&N air filter, new jets, carb insulator boots, and a lot of attention.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back on two wheels - the CB360

The CB360 is finally back on two wheels again. I put the rear end on Saturday, the rebuilt front end on yesterday, and today was the engine and other little bits.
Engine's installed, along with the rebuilt front forks and brake caliper.
As a little bonus I discovered where these guys came from.
This thing here.
Which came off this other thingy here.

In all honesty I really have no clue how those rollers popped out without the plate coming off the rotor. But they went back in without a problem, so no worries, I guess.

This is pretty much how she sits as of now.
I'm still going over the wiring harness and looking for issues with the electrical system. So far I need a regulator, and somehow I can't seem to find the stator anywhere. Carb insulator boots are on their way along with a new headlight mount bracket. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

CB360 progress

I had some spare time today so I chugged right along on the CB360.

I finished washing the motor in the parts washer. It came mostly clean. It's not perfect, but I'm not about to wire wheel the whole thing either.

I cleaned up the frame and decided not to repaint it. To be honest I'm just really lazy and don't feel like even attempting it. There's only a few spots with little scratches and touches of surface rust. I'm just going to convert the rust, spray it with clear, and call it a day.

The brakes did get some special attention though. The front caliper needed to be rebuilt, so I disassembled it and spent about an hour trying to get the piston out. I blocked the bleeder hole and screwed a fitting to connect the air hose to the brake line inlet. After lots of scrubbing, and smacking it with a hammer, and applying lots of pressure via the attached air hose, the piston shot out with a loud *POP*, bounced over my shoe and skipped all the way across the shop.
Surprisingly there was only a light bit of pitting on the piston, and only in places where it didn't REALLY matter. The caliper body looked really gross inside though: lots of dried crud (from brake fluid) behind the piston seal.

I neglected to get any pictures of the action, but here's one I forgot to post the other day:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Restoring the CB360

I've been sitting on the CB360 for a little over a year now. I'm sick of just shuffling it around so I decided to use my lunch break to give it a once over and see what needed to be fixed to get her running.

I started by cleaning a few things up, and looking to see if anything was missing or needed to be replaced, but I ended up with this:

I guess it's time to restore her.

All in all she looks pretty good but needs a few things: rebuilt master cylinder and caliper, carb boots, a few rubber bits, regulator, I've already rebuilt the carbs, as well as touched up the paint on the toolbox, airbox, swingarm, and battery basket.
With everything apart I'm taking the time to clean up all the parts before reassembly. The engine is in the parts washer, the frame is about to get scrubbed, I took the surface rust and grit off the shocks, and polished a bunch of bolts.

Hopefully I'll have everything (minus the parts that need to be ordered) reassembled next week. I still have some maintenance to do before then; valves, forks, chain, steering head, wheel bearings, and oil change at least.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm sorry.

It's been well over three months since my last post, and I would like to apologize.
It's not for lack of content, or progress, really. It's for lack of time and inclination.
To sum up the last few months in a word: it's been "complicated." Somehow cleaning the garage turned into me rebuilding the shed, cleaning my living space, and renovating my closet, and fixing some plumbing... Like I said, "complicated." Oh yeah and a Miata followed me home.

Since I started working at Brooks' Cycle Center my life has been kicked into high gear.
My urge to wrench, fix, and mend is satisfied during the normal 9-5 so I'm happy. I've even picked up a second job working nights at a hospital to help supplement my income (work is slow in the winter).
However, when I come home in the evening I have to walk through a veritable graveyard of bikes and it's become quite depressing. Every day the same thing, watch other peoples bikes come and go while mine get neglected. So, I've begun to sort through my mess of a garage and shitpile of a bike collection. I wish I could say it was a Zen process of "pick up this part and place over here," but with 2 jobs and way too many other things demanding my time, it has been nothing but stressful.

But, with a new year comes a new attitude. I've managed to put a good dent in my workload and I'm ready to start prioritizing projects. I owe a number of people some motorcycles, and those of you who have been waiting have been all too patient.
Elrich, you're at the top of my list, despite the fact that Joey's bike is making some horrible top end noises.

Now if only I could figure out what the fuck to do with this thing: