Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm sorry.

It's been well over three months since my last post, and I would like to apologize.
It's not for lack of content, or progress, really. It's for lack of time and inclination.
To sum up the last few months in a word: it's been "complicated." Somehow cleaning the garage turned into me rebuilding the shed, cleaning my living space, and renovating my closet, and fixing some plumbing... Like I said, "complicated." Oh yeah and a Miata followed me home.

Since I started working at Brooks' Cycle Center my life has been kicked into high gear.
My urge to wrench, fix, and mend is satisfied during the normal 9-5 so I'm happy. I've even picked up a second job working nights at a hospital to help supplement my income (work is slow in the winter).
However, when I come home in the evening I have to walk through a veritable graveyard of bikes and it's become quite depressing. Every day the same thing, watch other peoples bikes come and go while mine get neglected. So, I've begun to sort through my mess of a garage and shitpile of a bike collection. I wish I could say it was a Zen process of "pick up this part and place over here," but with 2 jobs and way too many other things demanding my time, it has been nothing but stressful.

But, with a new year comes a new attitude. I've managed to put a good dent in my workload and I'm ready to start prioritizing projects. I owe a number of people some motorcycles, and those of you who have been waiting have been all too patient.
Elrich, you're at the top of my list, despite the fact that Joey's bike is making some horrible top end noises.

Now if only I could figure out what the fuck to do with this thing: