Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More K3 paint progress

Updates for the sake of updates. Spraying on the K3 is done but I still need to sort out the decals.
Here's how the bike currently looks:

Yeah there's paint on the gas-cap, and yes it was purposeful. Well, not so much on purpose as I'm too lazy to mask this part. It's chrome and paint remover will wipe it right off. In the meantime It will keep glare down.
Currently I'm trying to illustrate some decals to go on the tank. I have no idea what I'm doing so any recommendations are welcome and encouraged (please help me).
Here's some rough sketches of what I've been considering so far:

Update 5/11:
I taped the lines of the tank and took some pics to help me draw some decals.


  1. Option one, with honda decal.

  2. Honestly, both of those options look really good. Dealers choice at this point lol.

    1. oh ha yeah those weren't meant to be options really, they're just tape to help me note the contours when I make decals in Illustrator.

      I do like them though.