Friday, June 8, 2012

Launch cancelled: motor paint a no go.

After months of indecision, much hemming and hawing, and more flip-flopping than a a politician in sandals, I've decided NOT to paint Elrich's F2 motor. Instead we decided that the raw aluminum will best match the rest of the bike so we're sticking to that.
The rough sanding marks made in preparation for paint are going to be tough to overcome, but I think it'll be fine. Here's everything laid out for your viewing pleasure:

This little guy might still see some paint,
just to make it easier to clean off when we have to change the chain.
Also it will be a lot easier than having to remove all that stock paint.
I took the liberty of sanding and polishing the faces of the
shifter and rotor cover. They had some bad pitting on them.
I also removed and checked the cyl studs.
Some weren't properly torqued, and this can cause leaks at the gaskets.
Don't forget to use thread locker when re-installing them.
Just a dab'll do ya!
Voila! Studs are stud-ly once more.
Stay tuned. I have a feeling that this project will go much faster than the last one.


  1. You better believe it will.

    Parts secured!

  2. I despise painted cases. You made the right choice.