Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If it ain't broke...

...it probably was at one point and was then repaired incorrectly.

After giving just one half of the motor the once over I've come to determine that torque specs meant absolutely nothing to the previous owner of the '76 GL1000.

I've already found that there is a crack or hole in the head where one of the exhaust studs screws in. Also the threads of the stud which holds on the mechanical fuel pump are completely stripped, YAY!

Oil drips from an exhaust stud
 I suspect it was screwed in too tight and cracked the head.
The threads have been stripped out of the head by the fuel pump stud.
Stud hole [top left] stripped of it's threads.
I'm in a real pinch right now. I had planned on taking the Goldwing to Charlottesville this weekend, but unless I can pull out some quick miracle fixes that isn't going to happen.

I'm not looking forward to undoing all the work I just put into her. Although it is necessary in order to pull the head so I can have the exhaust hole welded and fuel pump hole heli-coiled and tapped back out to 6mm 1.0 pitch.

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  1. I do hate heilcoils! Consider tapping it out to the next size bolt.