Monday, January 30, 2012

New Tach Oil Seal - Joey's K3

New cam cover tachometer oil seals came in, so I took a few minutes to finish up swapping out the leaky one in Joey's K3.

Here's a quick recap of what was already done:
Joey's CB750 is inching closer to roadworthy, state-inspected completeness. With the brakes replaced, brake light fixed, and most recently the front wheel bearing done, there's just a couple more things left to do.
First up was the cylinder head cover's tach cable seal. Oil has been spewing out of this since we got the bike running. It's time to fix it.

The oil seal resides in this hole. It surrounds the tach drive gear shaft
and prevents oil from the cam cover escaping.
This is the tach drive gear.
You can see where the shaft exits through the cam cover.
To remove the seal, use a pointed punch or automotive pick.
CAREFULLY puncture the seal and pull it away from the shaft.
If you botch this, you're fucked: scratch the shaft and the seal will leak,
so you'll need a new tach drive gear. Scratch the cam cover and the seal
will leak. You'll need to replace or repair the cam cover.

Once removed from the shaft just pull the seal out.
...and there it is! No problem.
Oil seal removed.
I'm an idiot and managed to lose the three brand new oil seals I ordered. Of course, I didn't realize this until after I removed the one from Joey's motor and destroyed it in the process. Five more are in the mail as we speak.

Oil seals arrived!
All five of those suckers.

And that brings us to where we are now:
Old one's out.
New one is replaced with this side facing IN.
Use a punch to help guide the new seal over the tach gear shaft.
There's a dimple on the tach gear shaft, the tip of this punch fits in nicely.
Once the seal is in place you can guide it in using the end of an old tach
or speedo cable. Place it over the oil seal and hammer it in evenly.
Slides right in. No drama.
There you have it. Simple as pie.


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