Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I got fired, CB125 still hasn't.

Sorry for not updating the blog. I was let go from my job on Thursday and I've been without a computer the last few days. Oh well, c'est la vie.  That just means I have more time to work on motorcycles.

Let's get you caught up to speed on the CB125:

I replaced the piston and rings, and had the cylinder bored .25 over. There was still a leak.
I replaced the exhaust valve (the one that was leaking). There was another (worse) leak.
I replace the intake valve. The leaking stopped and the motor held compression. 130ish psi.

Hells yeah.

Now that I've taken care of all that I've been trying to start the bike for a few days now. I have all the necessities: fuel, compression, spark. The valve adjustment has been performed about a half dozen times just to be ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT sure it's right. The cam timing has been done the same number of times, and the ignition timing I lost count of somewhere around twenty.
I even pulled the motor went over everything one last time, then pulled and checked the carb, then the fuel tank (the petcock screen was a little dirty with aluminum oxide), I even replaced the carb to engine gaskets, gave the exhaust a new crush gasket and still got nothing.

Hopefully the next post will detail the awesomeness of my success and not some other catastrophic discovery.

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