Friday, October 15, 2010

I said I want iron knees, not IRONY!

Tappet adjuster smacked the access cover a few times.
Riding home tonight can best be described as ironic, anticlimactic, and heartbreaking.
A nearby car revved it's engine at me, so I of course was obliged to return the gesture. A quick twist of the throttle, *BRAAAAAAAAAAP* the bike revs smoothly to 8000 rpm followed by a disheartening *CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK*!
I managed to limp it home. It doesn't sound like there's anything bouncing around in there, but it doesn't sound good either.

It appears that my motor decided to throw a valve tappet adjuster and nut.
Here are pictures of the resulting carnage: (click for big)
Tappet access cover damage.
 Good tappet adjuster in rocker arm on the left,
bent tappet adjuster and missing nut on the right

Bottom is the bad tappet adjuster: damaged threads and bent shape.

Status: The tappet adjuster screw is shot and will need to be replaced. The adjuster nut is on the loose somewhere in the motor. Valve damage is unknown at the moment. There is certainly metal shrapnel in the valve train, and possibly elsewhere.
I believe my riding season may very well be over.
I'll be pulling the motor soon. This is where things get interesting.

Note: the tappet adjuster screw that went was an INTAKE, not one of the exhaust tappets that I adjusted recently.

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