Friday, October 8, 2010

My SOHC Obsession

My obsession with the SOHC I-4 engine started when I inherited a 2000 Ford Ranger with the awful 2.5L, dual plug head, single-overhead-cam, inline 4 motor.

I was forced into a relationship with this mini-truck, sort of like an arranged marriage. But we have grown to love each other very much. Sure we still have a little lovers quarrel every once in a while: I say, "get your ass up the hill" and she says "fuck you, I'm gonna shit a u-joint." However, our relationship has lasted this long and I truly believe that we will be together 'till death-do-us-part.' Which could be any day now...

To this day, the truck has never failed me. Of course by never failed me I mean, something goes terribly wrong with it about once every couple months but I manage to fix it and get on my way.
This is important: the concept that I fixed it. I have taken it to the shop for some things that I didn't have the time or resources to fix myself. But most of the maintenance and repairs have been handled by me.

The basic mechanics of the SOHC engine were so simple for me to understand early on that it was hard not to fall in love. So, here we are. I have an obsession with a mostly antiquated automotive mechanical design.

Shamelessly, I recently carried this love over into the world of motorcycles. That is, I have (almost) 2 Honda CB750K bikes that are both a work in progress. Easy to learn and maintain, reliable, and all around fun, they are the perfect first bike for me to have and start working on.

It would appear that I have fallen in love yet again with another SOHC. I'm not sure if this is considered to be the automotive equivalent of polygamy, but I sure hope no one gets jealous.


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  2. Everything about that tractor engine (By tractor I mean every car that Ford produced with a 4CYL during the malaise-era) is allll wrong.

    "Hey man, this engine burns so filthy that all the EVAP, EGR, EFS and OBD technologies in the world can't get it to burn clean enough!"

    "I know...lets make it burn hotter"

    "But how?"

    "Double-Plug time"

    "Double-Plugs, it is"

    Still, I say find an old Mustang or Thunderbird turbo and go to town. At least it'll burn hot.

    (PS, My 2001 hit 190,xxx the other day)

  3. I seriously considered the 5.0L swap into the truck. But I'm saving that project for a Volvo.

    One of these days I'm going to get bored and turbo the 2.5L :D