Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teaser shots: Sex-cess 650 motor pre-paint.

Well the motor is almost done being painted. There are a few little spots that need to be cleaned up, and the left side cover is going to get re-sprayed completely so that the shift pattern is still visible. I also still need to go over all the gaskets, joints, and edges with an exacto knife.
The majority of the painting is done, I just don't have any pictures of that yet.

Meanwhile back in the internet, certain people have been beating down my door to post some updates. To appease my blog's vast audience (hopefully all 3 of them), I'm posting some updates:

 So, without further ado, here's some pictures of the motor before paint.

Hang 'em high.
The motor is hanging from some motor mounts.
I removed them for the second round of paint so I could get better coverage.
Once the mount points and hard to reach spots were sprayed,
the motor got strung up again for rounds three and four of paint.
After all that media blasting and scrubbing (oh my god the scrubbing)
the motor turned out so fresh and so clean (clean) it almost seems  
shameful to cover her up with paint.

On a side note, A drill and wood-spade bit is the best thing for mixing this ceramic paint in small cans.

The auger bit was used to gently scrape the sides of the can. 
Paint stick scraped the ceramic material from bottom of can while the drill
bit folded it into the paint.

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