Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let us spray

Setting up a room for painting motors:

The paint room has come together quite nicely with a little help from my clam.
No, I'm not talking about my significant other, I mean my CLAM.
No, I don't have a...
*Sigh* just take a look at the pictures.

If a stapler had sex with a binder clip, this would be the result.
It spits out little reusable clamps when you slide the button.
Viola! Effortless seam clamping.
I used five separate sheets of plastic, one of which had a couple slits cut in it for an escape hatch or something. I needed to clip all those edges together to keep out the dust and keep in the heat and paint.
Now I have one seamless paint room. Even the bottoms of the plastic are clamped to the plastic sheet on the floor.


  1. Looks neat honestly. Where do you acquire one of those?

  2. Office Depot? I don't remember, I've had it so long.

  3. Is a tank and motor getting thrown in there soon? <3

  4. ^^^Nice try Anonymous. I know who you are!

  5. We are anonymous. We are few, but many. You cannot stop us.

  6. Do you just paint stuff for bikes, or can you do something along the lines of a valve cover?

  7. I could paint a valve cover, sure. It'd probably be a hell of a lot easier than these old bikes with their tons of fins and all those nooks and crannies.