Friday, July 13, 2012

CB125 parts motor

I pulled the motor out of the CB125 parts bike yesterday. It wasn't pretty.
Those of you with weak constitutions might want to skip this post.

Yes it's as dirty and rusty as it looks.
And yes the floor is covered in PB Blaster.
A sign on things to come. The carb is filled with mud.
The bolts came off and motor dropped out without issue.
She's dirty but seems to be in fair shape.
A bit of Simple Green a scrub brush and a hose can work wonders. 
This used to be oil.
That sure is some corrosion. The piston was rusted in place.
The valves had seen better days too.
Lots of scraping, cleaning, PB, heating, and hammering
with a socket freed the piston from it's cylindrical prison.
Think it might just need a hone?
The dowel came out easily and has found a new home in the good CB125 motor. Funny thing though, this motor was also missing a dowel; just a different one than the good motor.

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  1. Intamaresting.

    So the cb125 together with a new dowel, fingers crossed for that bringing back the pressure.