Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back on two wheels - the CB360

The CB360 is finally back on two wheels again. I put the rear end on Saturday, the rebuilt front end on yesterday, and today was the engine and other little bits.
Engine's installed, along with the rebuilt front forks and brake caliper.
As a little bonus I discovered where these guys came from.
This thing here.
Which came off this other thingy here.

In all honesty I really have no clue how those rollers popped out without the plate coming off the rotor. But they went back in without a problem, so no worries, I guess.

This is pretty much how she sits as of now.
I'm still going over the wiring harness and looking for issues with the electrical system. So far I need a regulator, and somehow I can't seem to find the stator anywhere. Carb insulator boots are on their way along with a new headlight mount bracket. 

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