Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Restoring the CB360

I've been sitting on the CB360 for a little over a year now. I'm sick of just shuffling it around so I decided to use my lunch break to give it a once over and see what needed to be fixed to get her running.

I started by cleaning a few things up, and looking to see if anything was missing or needed to be replaced, but I ended up with this:

I guess it's time to restore her.

All in all she looks pretty good but needs a few things: rebuilt master cylinder and caliper, carb boots, a few rubber bits, regulator, I've already rebuilt the carbs, as well as touched up the paint on the toolbox, airbox, swingarm, and battery basket.
With everything apart I'm taking the time to clean up all the parts before reassembly. The engine is in the parts washer, the frame is about to get scrubbed, I took the surface rust and grit off the shocks, and polished a bunch of bolts.

Hopefully I'll have everything (minus the parts that need to be ordered) reassembled next week. I still have some maintenance to do before then; valves, forks, chain, steering head, wheel bearings, and oil change at least.

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