Friday, February 8, 2013

CB360 progress

I had some spare time today so I chugged right along on the CB360.

I finished washing the motor in the parts washer. It came mostly clean. It's not perfect, but I'm not about to wire wheel the whole thing either.

I cleaned up the frame and decided not to repaint it. To be honest I'm just really lazy and don't feel like even attempting it. There's only a few spots with little scratches and touches of surface rust. I'm just going to convert the rust, spray it with clear, and call it a day.

The brakes did get some special attention though. The front caliper needed to be rebuilt, so I disassembled it and spent about an hour trying to get the piston out. I blocked the bleeder hole and screwed a fitting to connect the air hose to the brake line inlet. After lots of scrubbing, and smacking it with a hammer, and applying lots of pressure via the attached air hose, the piston shot out with a loud *POP*, bounced over my shoe and skipped all the way across the shop.
Surprisingly there was only a light bit of pitting on the piston, and only in places where it didn't REALLY matter. The caliper body looked really gross inside though: lots of dried crud (from brake fluid) behind the piston seal.

I neglected to get any pictures of the action, but here's one I forgot to post the other day:

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  1. Nice, I've never owned a 350/360 but it seems like a fun little bike to have.