Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Five Hours Later... a few puddles, some missing paint, 8 or 9 rubber gloves, and 32 fl.oz. of DOT3, I managed to fix up the brakes on the 76 Goldwing.The previous owner had only one "functional" brake in the front. The rear brake had no pressure and the front left caliper was missing entirely. I snagged a donor caliper from the 75 as well as the brake lines and front brake switch.

As fate would have it, I snapped a brake lever trying to bleed the brakes. Minutes later, I get everything assembled and bled the freshly swapped caliper before discovering that one of the donor brake lines was completely shot and worthless. I decided to use the single brake line that was on there before despite the fact that it is too long... I'll figure that out later.
On to the rear; I just bled it with the rest of once was an extremely large bottle of brake fluid, and it seems to be alright.

I just heard the newspaper delivery guy pull up a couple minutes ago. It is a sound that instills a fleeting sense of pride and accomplishment, followed quickly by pangs of regret and the realization that the real world is only 4 hours away.

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