Monday, April 4, 2011

It's always worse than you thought.

Most of the glue was on the carb on the left.
Note the large yellow line of gunk dripping from the top center of the carb body.

I pulled the (horrible) Mikuni BS38CV carbs off of tommy's xs650 on Saturday.
I thought it would be bad, but not this bad.

It only took me about 2 hours to scrape off all the gorilla glue from the outsides of the carb bodies, the throttle linkages, float bowls etc.
The insides didn't escape the previous owners glue fetish either. The vacuum boot for the slide was nice and coated. There was glue in the needle jet, venturi and float bowl. Although, I am forced to admit that he did a good job of plugging those pesky pilot jets as well. Not a problem if you live life at wide open throttle.

Everything is clean including the disturbing amount of rust and oxidation inside the carbs thanks to my new ultrasonic cleaner, a brass brush, and a lot of patience.

If I ever see this bikes previous owner again I'd like to kick him in the teeth.

4/09/10 update: I'm still finding glue bits.
4/20/10 update: Even more glue found all over motor and in between cooling fins.

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