Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Piecing together a set of GL1000 carbs

I have a feeling this is not going to go as smoothly as planned.

I have 3 sets of Keihin 755A carbs and I'm not sure if I can build one usable set out of all the parts from all three. One set is pretty much completely trashed; busted posts, too corroded to even see any of the jets, let alone remove them, the other set has a busted float pin post on one carb and the emulsion tube is stuck in another. I have yet to crack into the third set but I don't imagine it will be in much better shape.

On the upside I get to take a lot of nasty pictures using my homemade macro lens:

Float seat from the '75 Gl1000  carbs.
Here's a close up of one of the float seats. There's some pretty gross stuff lurking around in those carbs.

I'll get some more pics of the process once I make some progress.

*UPDATE* 9/30
Still on the prowl for some proper Keihin 758A carbs. I've had a few promising leads so if I can manage to pull that off I'll go that route and save the 755A rebuild for when I get the '75 up and running.


  1. Hi, I'm Daniele from Italy. I'm looking for information about 755B carbs. Do you know the difference between 755A model?
    Please answer to d.siccardi@micro-tech.it

    1000 tks


  2. I sent you an email. Basically the only difference between the model numbers is their market. 755A is for the USA market (though I have seen 755B's here), and the 755B was meant for Europe.

    Any difference between the two would only be in the factory settings such as an air screw setting or slow air jet size.

    I hope this helps.