Friday, July 15, 2011

Add a couple more to the pile...

So, I think I may be a wee bit addicted to bikes.

I picked up another '75 GL1000 last night and I'm headed out to snag the ever elusive CB400-4 this evening.
Pictures coming soon.

*Update: 7/28/11*
Credit to the P.O. Phillip Kelly for the pics. I was too lazy to take pics and too eager to start tearing it apart.

It's already had the carbs and filters removed for cleaning, new bushings for rear shocks, clubman bars instead of those clip-ons, new left-hand control with a new clutch lever and cable (now it's tight as a tick instead of stiff as a brick with a sloppy lever.)


  1. Oh hey! Update is needed up in hur!!!

  2. trust me... the goldwing might break my camera if I take a picture.

    I'll upload pics that the seller took and credit him.