Saturday, July 2, 2011

Perfect end to a long day

When I woke up this morning the 76 Goldwing was still in pieces. Valve covers over here, faux tank sides over there, exhaust in the corner, etc... After a very long and productive day I'm proud to say she's up and running.

Quick recap of what was done:

  • Torqued heads to spec
  • Replaced timing belts and pulleys
  • Adjusted valve lash
  • Lube and cleaned tachometer cable (squeaked really bad)
  • Mount carbs
  • Replaced throttle cables
  • Replaced speedo light
  • Cleaned all electrical connections and terminals
  • Replaced battery
  • Bled brakes and re-routed brake lines
  • Mounted exhaust with new crush washers
  • Re-mounted shelter sides with new retainer cables and pins
  • Flushed cooling system
  • Changed oil
This list really doesn't do all the work justice when you consider the number of times I had to test-fit, mount, re-mount, clean, torque, and evaluate the things I'd done. However, none of that really matters because now she's roadworthy and about to start collecting some serious miles.

I'm so excited, I think I'll take her for a spin.


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