Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot Spot

I'm still diagnosing the problem that left me and my 76 Gl1000 stranded on the parkway last weekend, but I think I have made some progress.

After using some "Prep 'n' Etch" to de-rust the fuel tank, and taking a second look at the carbs, I moved on to the ignition. The first thing I did was pull the points and found a pretty sizable crater in the surface of one point and the other looked pretty messed up as well. Both surfaces are damaged well beyond sanding, so I'll be replacing them soon.

I'll get some pics for you when I stop being too lazy to whip out my homemade macro lens.

*Update 7/12* Points are swapped out and gap set. Still need to set timing but I'll do that after everything goes back together. Tonight will be remounting carbs and re-checking valve lash.

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