Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GL1000 Gas Tank Removal

Removed rear wheel and brake caliper.
Oh yea... and the shocks and exhaust.

Drop the swingarm out of the way.
Before I can remove the shelter I have to figure out what the hell is going on here.
Previous Owner, added a few switches and whatnot. Now I get to sort it out.
Surprisingly less difficult than expected. It would have been a
whole lot easier if I didn't have to sort out the P.O.'s wiring mess.

After a lot of pulling and wiggling I realized there was still one thing preventing
the removal of the tank; the rear brake lines.
So off it came. Two master cylinder bolts, caliper bracket bolt, and...

...this little guy. Instead of trying to take the lines apart or pry it out of
that hangar, just take off the bolt that attaches it to the battery box
and the whole rear brake assembly will fall out and land on your foot.
Now what?

"Wuh, w-w-what are you gonna do with THAT?!?" o.0
Don't worry tank, I do this alllllll the time.

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